Communication regarding Student Agreements

The MFHEA issued communication MFHEA/04/2022 regarding Student Agreements. This Communication and respective guidelines shall be applicable to all holders of a license issued by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) for the purpose of providing further and higher education in and/or from Malta.

In the case of licensed educational providers which already have a system of student agreements in place, the former shall ensure that any student agreement signed after the publication of this Communication incorporates the minimum criteria outlined herein.

This Communication: –

  1. Defines ‘student agreement’; and
  2. Informs licensed educational providers about the legal obligation of drawing up and signing a student agreement, prior to any payment being affected by the student to the licensed institution and prior to the start of the educational programme; and
  3. Sets minimum criteria which should be included in every standard student agreement of every licensed educational institution.
Communications for Providers
Communication regarding Student Agreements
Sample Student Agreement

Kindy be informed that these guidelines in no way exclude the addition by the licensed education provider of more fair terms which further regulate the relationship between the educational institution and student. The template provided is for guidance purposes. MFHEA cannot be held liable for any legal action or consequences which emanate from the use of the template. 

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