Request for Quotations for an External Auditor/Audit Services

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority is seeking to appoint auditors for its MFHEA Budget 2021 and for the subsequent Budgets of 2022 and 2023.

Interested audit firms may send their quotations by email on  by not later than Friday 14th January 2022.

Interested parties are kindly asked to submit the profile of the firm with the quotation submitted. Price quoted must be inclusive of VAT and if the price for the subsequent years is different than the Audit price for the 2021 Audit this must be clearly stated.

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority reserves the right that the Auditors selected are selected for one year only however, it may choose to select the Auditor for the full three years.

Further information on the MFHEA may be obtained from the website