Global Forum 2022

Higher Education Leadership For Democracy, Sustainability, and Social Justice

The 2022 Global Forum is the first gathering co-hosted by the Global Cooperation of the Democratic Mission of Higher Education formed in 2021 between the Council of Europe, the International Association of Universities, the International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy, and the Organization of American States. It marks the seventh global forum convened by the Council of Europe and the International Consortium who have worked in cooperation since 1999.

Dr Rose Anne Cuschieri, CEO MFHEA participated in the Global Forum 2022 which was held at Dublin City University.

The need for higher education to promote sustainability and racial and social justice, as well as advance and maintain democracy, has never been more apparent.

Higher education institutions, perhaps uniquely, are expected to look both backwards and forwards, to understand history and forge innovation that fuels the future, creating and expanding a knowledge project that aims at the broadest social benefit. While each institution is a product of its particular national and local history, they also share a global context and democratic purpose. It is crucial that higher education institutions work together to realize that common purpose and stand for universal values necessary for democracy such as tolerance, equity, diversity, inclusivity, open inquiry, human rights and the rule of law.

The Global Forum is designed to contribute to an international movement that reimagines how colleges and universities work with local and global partners to create more just, equitable, inclusive, sustainable democratic societies.  The Forum offered a unique opportunity for representatives from around the world to learn from and contribute to realizing higher education’s democratic mission.

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