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Fee-Structure for Provider External Quality Assurance (EQA) Audits

Standard fee
The Standard Fee includes the costs for a three-member peer-review panel for a one-day audit visit and a one-time administrative fee. The latter covers costs of actions and initiatives taken by the MFHEA to ensure that the EQA audit runs smoothly, including an induction meeting and other meetings with the peer-review panel members, and meetings between the EQA audit review panel and the education provider.

Additional fees
– cover additional costs for extra local peer and/or student review panel member(s) per day of site audit visit;
– cover additional costs for extra international peer and/or student review panel member(s) per day of site audit visit, including per diem, as required.

All fees indicated do not include:
– costs of flights and/or other travel expenses incurred by international peer reviewer(s) and/or international student reviewer(s);
– costs for interpreter and/or translator
– costs for the execution of financial due diligence as required by SL 607.03, regulation 39(3)(g).

These costs will be included in the invoice that the MFHEA issues to the Provider. The Provider is to pay the Standard Fee prior to commencement of the EQA audit and the remainder of the amount invoiced by the MFHEA at the conclusion of the EQA audit.

Table 1 outlines the proposed fee structure:

Table 1: Fee Structure

Administration Fees
One-time administrative fee €750
Peer-reviewer per day of site audit visit :







Per diem fees for international peer-reviewer per day of on-site audit visit €205
Flight Expenses As per flight tickets
Interpreter/translator As per service provided
Financial Due Diligence As per costs incurred by the MFHEA


*Fee-Structure for Provider EQAA extracted from Communication QA/02/2016