What are you doing for #ErasmusDays?

What are #ErasmusDays?

The #ErasmusDays are an international celebration based on a very simple idea: communicate European values, mobility’s benefits and Erasmus+ projects results.

Who can participate?

All schools, associations, universities, local bodies, education and information centers may join the celebration by holding an event on one of these days.

What kind of events can we organize? And what about Covid-19?

The #ErasmusDays 2021 are an opportunity to strengthen and reshape trust towards the Erasmus+ programme. Positive messages could be shared considering the numerous opportunities and impacts of projects, even on specific issues raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. Erasmus+ was and will continue to be a key factor of success for Europe in the eyes of citizens and stakeholders of European projects. It is more than ever the time to show our commitment to Europe, to international mobility and to the Erasmus+ programme.

Each stakeholder is free to organise any kind of event. In previous editions, events organized included seminars, partner meetings, photo exhibitions, concerts, flashmobs, parades, dance or radio shows, conferences, digital activities…etc.

Considering the global sanitary crisis we are going through, you can opt for the organisation of physical events when it is possible, or online and/or blended activities. These activities can be as simple as sharing testimonials, live events, and contests/challenges on your social media platforms to further elaborate activities including video recordings, online exhibitions, surveys and blogs, online webinars and conferences.

Use your imagination, get creative and don’t forget to use the #ErasmusDays.

If you’re interested, register your idea/event/activity NOW on www.erasmusdays.eu  Feel free to also reach out to us for assistance and to let us know about your events/activities. You can do so on communications.eupa@gov.mt

Further information can be found on the document link hereunder: