Communications for Providers
Licensing and Accreditation

Administrative Fee Structure for Accreditation and Licensing of Providers and Programmes

Fee Structure

The fee structures for provider and programme accreditation are given in Tables 1 and 2 respectively.

Fee Structure for Provider Accreditation

Provider Accreditation Proposed Market Provider Fee

The full costs incurred in the execution of financial due diligence as required under SL 327.433 will be payable by the applicant for the license.
University  Application Fee €3,000

Plus full costs of the review process till completion.

Higher Education Institution
Further and Higher Education Institution
Application Fee €1,000

Plus full costs of the review process till completion.

Further Education Institution €250
Further Education Centre €150
Tuition Centre €150

Table 1.

Administrative Fee Structure per ECTS/ECVET for Programme Accreditation

MQF Level of Course The first 10 ECTS/ECVET

11th to 30th ECTS/ECVET

above the first 30

Introductory A and B €22 €10 €3
1 and 2 €22 €10 €3
3 and 4 €25 €14 €3
5 €35 €18 €6
6 €50 €20 €10
7 €75 €35 €16
8 €5000

Table 2

*The minimum fee for course accreditation is € 75.

  • The MFHEA will invoice the applicant with the amount due for the accreditation of programmes/ courses upon receipt of the application documents.
  • Applicants are to pay the total fee in advance and the accreditation process starts only upon confirmation of payment of the amount due.
  • Should additional fees incur as a result of a change in the number of ECTS or the MQF level, MFHEA reserves the right to invoice the outstanding balance.
  • In the case of accreditation of programmes involving online or blended learning, the total amount will include an additional 10% of the total cost to reflect the additional administrative processes associated with these types of programmes.
  • If at any point in the application process, no feedback is provided by the providers for a period of three months, then the application will be considered null and void, and the applicant will need to re-submit a new application. Any fees that would have been paid are non-refundable.
*Programme fee structure extracted from Communication ACC-QA/01/2017

**Licence fee structure extracted from Communication ACC/02/2016