Page last updated: 10th May 2021


Recognition of Prior Learning

The Malta Authority for Further and Higher Education has worked on issuing new guidelines for education institutions who would like to introduce a Recognition of Prior Learning Policy as part of their Internal Quality Assurance Policy.

This work was part of the ECVET 2020 Project co-funded by Erasmus+ and MFHEA has collaborated with the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework Partnership on this through a number of events and the issuing of a scoping report and the final RPL guidelines which can be both downloaded below.

Should an education institution be interested in applying to introduce an RPL Policy to their education institution they must:

  • Submit an application against a payment:
    • In the case of Further Education Institutions – €300
    • In the case of Higher Education Institutions – €500
  • Ensure that the policy adheres to the RPL guidelines below
  • Add the final RPL policy as an appendix to the education institution’s IQA policy once finalised
  • Ensure that RPL is not started prior to approval from MFHEA

Download the following:

This report gives some information about Recognition of Prior Learning in action by also including case studies. It also analyses the situation of RPL in Malta during 2020 following a desk based research carried out as part of the ECVET 2020 project.

These guidelines give a clear picture of what a good RPL policy includes and what needs to be done to carry out efficient Recognition of Prior Learning. These guidelines also give examples of good practices which may help during the drafting of the RPL policy and during its implementation.

  • Application for RPL Policy

This application needs to be filled in and submitted together with a detailed RPL policy on  . Once this application is approved, the RPL policy needs to also be added as an appendix to the IQA document and should be available on the education institution’s website together with sufficient guidance for students.


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