Capacity Building for European Graduate Tracking

The MFHEA, represented by the Research & Policy Unit, has been nominated as national expert for the EC funded project for the capacity building for a European Graduate Tracking initiative.. A country level team is named in each country to be responsible of the capacity building delivery and for liaising with the core team and national stakeholders.

This responsibility entails the design and implementation of a concerted Europe-wide capacity building action aimed at preparing the basis for a European Graduate Tracking initiative. The assignment involves several tasks foremost among which is an initial baseline analysis of the state of readiness of each country and the design of tailor-made country-specific strategic roadmaps for the implementation of the capacity building. Consultations have been conducted in January 2021 to provide a picture of the situation in Malta regarding graduate tracking. There will also be a final assessment of the state of readiness of each country.

Work on this new project commenced in Q3 2020.